Stepping Stones Project (2011 – 2017)

For 6 years the federally funded, $2.7M, Hunter Stepping Stones Project, has been connecting private land across the Upper and Lower Hunter with surrounding remnant vegetation and public reserves. Over 140 on-ground projects have been undertaken consisting of a mix of re-vegetation, weed eradication and protective fencing of riparian areas. These projects have delivered foundational connectivity conservation outcomes including:

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Parks Week success along the GER

Held in early March, the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) Parks Week provided communities and individuals with a unique opportunity to ‘connect with nature’ at iconic locations around New South Wales. As part of a program of 39 events, seven were supported by GER and highlighted the importance of protected areas in securing the connectivity and resilience of the Great Eastern Ranges.

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GER Science Plan nears completion

Since its inception, GER has worked to expand our collective understanding of the science of connectivity conservation. Building on initial achievements around spatial analysis of ecosystems and natural processes at the whole-of-corridor level, the GER is collaborating with scientists to explore a variety of issues ranging from understanding the movement needs of small vertebrates in agricultural landscapes, to identifying the priority landscapes comprising GER connectivity and exploring social drivers of change.

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Kanagra-Boyd to Wyangala share their story

Each of the GER regional partnerships hold regular forums providing members with an opportunity to get together and share recent activities, experiences, issues and opportunities. An inspirational video of one such event is now available online. The film, documenting the recent GER Kanangra-Boyd to Wyangala (K2W) partnership forum, showcases inspirational messages about the benefits of working cooperatively across land tenures to restore and maintain the environment.

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