New publication – Protected Area Governance and Management

Recently published is a compendium of original text, case studies and examples from across the world drawing on the literature, knowledge and experience of those involved in protected area management. It is entitled Protected Area Governance and Management and has been edited by Graeme Worboys, Michael Lockwood, Ashish Kothari, Sue Feary and Ian Pulsford. It is available free online (see link below)  and an iPad version will be available soon.

The book is already being used as a key reference for university courses and parks management training around the world. Chapter 27 of Protected Area Governance and Management  shows GER as one of the 44 major corridor projects in the world and includes a GER case study and some of our photos.

The global success of the protected area concept lies in its shared vision to protect natural and cultural heritage for the long term, and organisations such as International Union for the Conservation of Nature are a unifying force in this regard. Nonetheless, protected areas are a socio-political phenomenon and the ways that nations understand, govern and manage them is always open to contest and debate.

The book aims to enlighten, educate and above all to challenge readers to think deeply about protected areas—their future and their past, as well as their present. It also provides information to support capacity development training of protected area field officers, managers in charge and executive level managers.

With 169 contributing authors from around the globe, it deals with all aspects of protected area governance and synthesises current knowledge and cutting edge thinking from the diverse branches of practice and learning relevant to protected area governance and management. It is intended as an investment in the skills and competencies of people and consequently, the effective governance and management of protected areas for which they are responsible, now and into the future.

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