Hinterland Bush Links

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Partnership Facilitator: Susie Duncan
Contact details: ph (07) 5429 6622 or email wilderness@hotkey.net.au

Who is Hinterland Bush Links?

Hinterland Bush Links is a visionary project to protect the native plants and animals of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland by connecting, restoring and protecting habitat. The project engages both public and private landholders to achieve good ecological management in healthy habitats, restoration in areas that may be impacted by weeds and other threatening processes, and revegetation in highly modified landscapes to connect it all up. This connectivity approach builds on existing restoration works carried out by many landholders and organisations in the region.

Hinterland Bush Links was launched in 2011 and incorporated in 2015. We work closely with Barung Landcare and receive financial support from Sunshine Coast Council, individual donors and through grants from other organisations.

What is our focus?

Our vision is to ensure the long-term conservation of all native plants and animals in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Our plan is to support public and private landholders to protect and restore their land, and to create habitat connections with their neighbours. This includes people with urban backyards through to those with large blocks and farms. These wildlife corridors enable native animals and plants to access more habitat, undertake nomadic and migratory travel, and adapt to climate change.

What are we up to at the moment?

Hinterland Bush Links runs regular forums and workshops on connectivity conservation, including property planning for conservation, revegetation, weed management and creating wildlife habitat. In 2015 we launched our Subtropical Forests Ecology Course which will now be run as an annual four-day residential. This course equips participants with an understanding of regional ecology and strategic approaches to habitat restoration and connectivity.

The project coordinates Roving Restorers, a voluntary group that provides restoration assistance to landholders twice a month. We also run a strategic weed vine control project in the Upper Mary Valley which aims to eradicate several WONS weeds from this upper catchment. The work began in 2012 and will continue to at least 2020.

What have we done previously?

An important linkage between the Blackall and Conondale Ranges has been the focus of weed management and revegetation to create a healthy habitat corridor between key national parks. Within this linkage a volunteer Bushcare group is active on a Council Reserve on the Mary River with the support of Sunshine Coast Council. We have initiated other active Bushcare groups on the Blackall Range. Click on the ‘Our Projects’ link below to find out about our other projects.

What makes our region special?

The HBL project area extends from Caboolture to Gympie and from the coast inland to Nanango. It is a biodiversity hotspot but many species are declining due to loss, degradation and fragmentation of habitat. It is an important part of the Great Eastern Ranges corridor and is critical to the long-term survival of our flora and fauna.

For more information visit the Hinterland Bush Links website at www.hinterlandbushlinks.org

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