Term Based Agreements

Term based agreements provide an opportunity for landholders to receive assistance from funding bodies and other GER Partners to undertake agreed activities to restore, or protect, their land. 

Management Agreements

Management Agreements are legally binding agreements between landowners and natural resource management bodies (NRMs) in some States that describe how native vegetation is to be managed to restore degraded land and for conservation purposes. For example NRMs often have incentive funding available to help landholders carry out particular conservation works on their property. GER Partners fund a broad range of conservation works, including rebuilding riparian vegetation, fencing off riparian of other sensitive habitats, planting to improve biodiversity and management of existing high value vegetation. A number of GER Partners offer Management Agreements. Information and opportunities to access funding is provided on the relevant Partner pages when available. 

Stewardship Programs

Environmental stewardship is a market-based incentive conservation program under the Australian Government initiative ‘Caring for our Country’. Stewardship programs provide annual payments to land managers who agree to undertake conservation works on their land. Stewardship payments are offered through specific funding programs that target a particular conservation outcome or environmental asset.

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