In-perpetuity Covenants

A conservation covenant provides the opportunity for land to be permanently conserved – not just under current ownership, but for all future owners. A conservation covenant is a joint agreement between a landholder and the Minister for Environment. Some grants and tax concessions are available for land registered with a conservation covenant.

GER Partners that provide in-perpetuity covenants:

The Nature Conservation Trust NSW (NCT) works by buying, improving and selling private rural land with a legally binding conservation covenants attached. NCT also assists landholders place conservation covenants on their own properties. Read more.

Trust for Nature Victoria can assist private landowners to permanently protect native plants and wildlife on their land through the use of conservation covenants. Established in 1972 as an independent, statutory, non-for-profit organisation, it has since evolved into one of Victoria’s primary private land conservation organisations. TFN also purchases environmentally significant land and sells it on with a conservation covenant attached.

Queensland Trust for Nature (QTFN) is an independent, self-funding organisation that operates a revolving fund that is used to buy, covenant and resell land with high conservation values. The QTFN develops partnerships with other organisations to identify, acquire, manage and protect Queensland’s unique biodiversity by targeting properties in rural and urban fringe areas, with a high priority on linking wildlife corridors and increasing buffers around national parks. The QTFN has preserved more than 100,000 hectares of Queensland by acquiring properties of varying size, from 22ha up to 74,300ha. The majority of purchases have been important sites of less than 85ha.

Landholders who own property with high conservation value can apply to the Office of Environment and Heritage NSW directly to be assessed for the suitability of a conservation covenant. If land is deemed not suitable for a conservation covenant it may be suitable for one of the other conservation options listed below.

In some states local government can also enter into in-perpetuity agreements with landholders. For more information about whether this option is available to you, contact your local council.

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