What is the GER Supporters Program?

The Great Eastern Ranges Initiative is only as strong as the people and organisations that support it. Though the Great Eastern Ranges contains large areas of protected land, these alone are not enough to keep our natural systems healthy.  Many landholders are including conservation management as part of their business and communities are working together to make their local efforts contribute to a much bigger picture.

Through the GER Supporters Program you can promote what you are doing to inspire others to join in. This program is for anyone who is enthusiastic and committed to the conservation of the Great Eastern Ranges and the native plants and animals that live there.

What you can do to contribute to GER?

  • Share your stories on our website to inspire others
  • Set aside land for nature or revegetate areas of your property
  • Volunteer with one of our partners
  • Join your local Landcare or Bushcare group
  • Make a donation to fund one of our local projects
  • Attend our events or workshops
  • Talk to our Regional Facilitators.