The Great Eastern Ranges Initiative (GER) has grown to become one of the world’s largest connectivity conservation projects.

Established in 2007 by the NSW State Government, GER has successfully transitioned to a mature public- private partnership with independent leadership and a presence across four states and territories. The original AU$11 million invested by government has leveraged $44 million in co-investment from private foundations, government grants, aligned program investment and private contributions.

Thanks to the support of our investors, partners and volunteers, GER has been able to achieve many significant results in a relatively short timeframe:

  • Protection and improved management of over 26,000 hectares of native habitat on private land.
  • Strategic management of invasive species over 120,000 hectares since 2013.
  • Over 168,000 individual plantings and a further 41,500 hectares of habitat restored to strengthen vital habitat connections.
  • Close to 2,000 people trained through capacity building workshops resulting in almost 600 landholders adopting improved land management practices.
  • Establishment of a GER Science Panel to develop a prospectus to inform priorities and stimulate investment in research.
  • Established ten regional partnerships encompassing a network of more than 250 national, state and regional organisations.
  • Reached an estimated 4.5 million people through communications materials and media coverage.
  • Influenced the development of Australia’s ‘National Wildlife Corridors Plan’, a world-leading policy developed in 2012 to link broader community involvement in landscape conservation.

GER continues to be a focus for collaboration, bringing together the skills and capabilities of a broad range of people and organisations to achieve connectivity at the whole-of-landscape level.

Investing in GER

An investment in GER is an investment in the future of eastern Australia’s natural resources, wildlife and people. By investing in us you are supporting a strong proven partnership to deliver effective and long term conservation benefits across the Great Eastern Ranges.

The funds you provide will be used to support a wide range of onground projects in priority locations, and to maintain critical capacity at national and regional level including:

Facilitating on ground action

Helping to secure our landscapes by funding local collaborative projects that help to
re-establish natural connections between private land and protected areas across the Great Eastern Ranges to preserve their ancient rainforests, rich biodiversity and vital natural infrastructure.

Supporting National Leadership

Investing in our national leadership so that GER
can continue to provide strategic science, network support, implementation and advocacy to help mobilise communities across Australia.

Empowering local communities

Mobilising the skills and capacity of local landholders, students and Aboriginal people to improve and maintain the health and productivity of their land, manage threats and increase the resilience of local ecosystems.

For more information on the value of investing in GER, download our prospectus.


For a confidential discussion on how you can invest in GER contact:

Bob Debus AM

Chair, Great Eastern Ranges Initiative

Phone: 0458 232 673 | Email:


To make a donation to the GER contact:

Diane Latta

Phone: (02) 9299 0000




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